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Exit No Entry Rat Kill Cake 25g


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Exit No Entry Rat Kill Cake 25g

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Exit No Entry Rat Kill Cake 25g

Product Description

A single dose anticoagulant, Recommended for control of rats in residential premises, poultry farms and in the fields. Place the bait in a suitable container near burrows or place frequented by rats, See enclosed leaflet for details.
Sizes: 25 gm Cake.Directions for use

  1. Brake the cake into 6 cubes.
  2. Place the cake where rats/mice are usually seen
  3. Replenish eaten cubes till feeding stops.
  4. Most of the rats tend to die in outdoor only
  5. Exit no entry rat kill cake can be used for both indoor and outdoor use

Caution.: Keep out of reach of children

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