Rasam Powder 200g Homemade Style


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Rasam Mix Powder 200g ( రసం పౌడర్ )

Homemade Style ( హోమ్ స్టైల్ )

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Cooking Directions:
1. Take 1kgs, of toor dal to 8 liter of water, add little
Rasam Powder, oil and cook.
2. When the dal is completely cooked, remove if from
the fire and churn well.
3. Boil tamarind extract and tomato plup with coriander leaves for a few minutes.
4. Mix the cooked dal with the boiled tamarind extract.
and add 200g of Rasam Powder along with salt to taste.
5.Let the rasam boil for a few minutes, before removing if from fire, season with fried mustard and cumin seeds,Serve hot.

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